New Path

This post is getting on the web with the help of a lot of caffeine, a brisk walk, and a folding keyboard. The fragility of the keyboard scares me, but I love the Get Smart-ness of it all, the joy of having a keyboard that starts out no bigger than a CD case that folds open to regular size, with an easel for the monitor hidden in the keyboard shell, the monitor being my iPhone.

I started with smart phones way back in 2008 with a BlackBerry because the eventual goal was that I was going to write on it, long pieces, too. But the trackball on the BlackBerry let me down, and I got an iPhone under duress–I hate touch-screen typing. I’ve had this phone for two years in October and the damn screen typing still makes me crazy. Now, though…now I just need a purse big enough for the two of them, my iPhone and my keyboard. Coach makes a clutch that will hold them.

I’m still getting used to it, of course. The right shift key and the period key are a bit off. The keys look a bit…makeshift. I need to keep a small, pointed object with me to press the “pairing” cavity that syncs up the keyboard with the Bluetooth on my phone (the cuticle pusher that I keep in my cosmetic bag works; the girl stuff can come in handy for more than just foo-foo existence after all). The keyboard requires batteries, but the same size batteries as all the other funky electronics I own (I won’t list them, as one of them will make you uncomfortable). But I have a feeling that with practice I will get used to it, and all of its little requirements.

My new pen.

Onward, dear reader.