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I didn’t realize I was reading so many pink books.  Early preparation for breast cancer awareness month?  Not that I’m not aware of these things, but maybe I am so daily aware of it that it is starting to bleed out of my subconscience book cover choices.

I’m reading the Atkinson book way too slow for a book that comes from the library, but I’m relishing it.  Library books, of course, are free, so luxuriating in them should be the very least of my worriable vices.  Should be.  I am comforted by the fact that when I last went to the library there were multiple copies of this book just sitting on the shelves, so it’s not like I am selfishly holding up the queue.

Pretty obvious that I am reading a lot of British lit, isn’t it?

Other items on the Kindle include a creative treatise by Liz Gilbert and a book about memoir writing by Mary Karr.  My New Yorkers continue to be neglected; I’m blaming this week on the fact that work and home schedules have been a nightmare and that this week’s issue arrived late.  No excuse, but my excuses anyway.


I have a new phone.  Yes it is the iPhone 6s because I am, and always will be, an Apple slut.  Nope, I didn’t pay for it outright.  Yes, it’s a fancier-than-needs-be “rose gold.”  I’m kind of in love with it, if for no other reason that it adds a measure of learning to my life that lacks most days.  I have brain that needs challenged, and I’m happy to challenge it with technology from time to time.  The purchase was not on a whim–the 4s model that I had was four years old, had crazy-low capacity even with a cloud to hold, and was getting more and more wonky by the system upgrade.  I figured by the time we got to iOS 10 all of the text on the phone would be in Hawaiian or something.  As an added bonus, the cost of the phone payment, with the new plan, is still lower than what I was paying for just the plan before.  (Unlimited data plans, no matter how old, can be pricey.)  So I felt smarter doing an upgrade, regardless of all  of the knowing looks from others.  So far I’ve been right, but this has also served as a lesson for me in trusting myself (again with that lesson) and not being risk averse like most of my country.  

We’ll see what the cost is in time, I’m sure.