#NightstandChronicle #Thirteen: The (Last) Japanese Lover


One of the wonderful things about living in a community that doesn’t ideologically or culturally agree with me very often is that by some miracle all of the people who buy books for the libraries here do agree with me ideologically and culturally.  Even after nearly four years of living here, I am still surprised to find books recommended to me by The New Yorker and NPR on the New Arrivals shelves at the Carlsbad and San Diego branch  libraries, even though I am fully aware that most readers here are probably reading Patterson, King, or Fifty Shades of Gray.  Not that I’m condemning those choices:  they simply aren’t my choices, so I’m pretty secure in reading books as they come out.

But I received a shock of another kind when I visited the Carlsbad Library last Wednesday.  I was delighted to find the latest Isabel Allende book, “The Japanese Lover,” on the New Arrivals shelf, and also once again surprised; she had recently been to an event in Warwick’s bookstore in San Diego, so shouldn’t all of her books be on hold?  When I went to check out the book, however, it was blocked–it was on hold in the time it took me to find it.  The library let me have it anyway after a series of involving three librarians to override the hold, but I had strict instructions to “read it fast, because you can’t renew it.”

Not to worry, ladies…finally someone else shares my story taste, and I will do my best to get it back to them early.

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