#NightStandChronicleEight #BeachReads

San Diego has taken a turn for the worse and exchanged its regularly scheduled dry heat for something from the Midwest.  Drinking water is less of a priority, but the clinging to the preciousness of “it’s a dry heat” as a feel-good option no longer applies.  On Wednesday I went to a game at Petco Park and, despite the fact that the temperature in the seats and on the field never rose above 80, most of us were roasting and sunburned through the haze.

If the beach wasn’t crawling with people (most folks from Arizona, and I don’t blame them, as the dry heat argument never meant much to me either) I would be camped there with an umbrella and my stack of books.  Word on the streets is Penguin is offering a contest with two beach chairs, a blanket, a tote, and books; of course I signed up, but I’m still covered if the prize doesn’t fall into my eager arms.

Yes, Life After Life is still there, and I am back to being distracted by the library–therein lies the reason for the delay.  My little summer bookworm at work is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the library, but I thought I would slow things up a little and I’ve been reminded a lot lately of the segment of Invisible Man called “Battle Royal” when it’s packaged as a short story in the college anthologies, so I checked out the whole book.  It’s killing me to read and speaking to me to read and I know I will never know what it was/is like to live, so I am reading it.  It makes me angry.  I wish it made more people angry and motivated true change.

In the sidelines, too, are Life After Life, All the Light We Cannot See, the latest issue of The New Yorker, and a sample of the Harper Lee book that I am still debating on reading.  I hear it’s poorly written and therefore a fascinating study; part of me would love to know what my university professors thought of it.  If I were to take that whole book to the beach that would probably take me right into the sunset just reading to gobble the probabilities.  

Here’s to cooler climes, and a longer bookworm…*raises Sea Breeze*.