Oh, she’s going to be upset now…her boys lost a NLCS game last night.

Actually, I’m fine with it.

Duly noted:

  • I’ve seen my boys win two World Series contests;
  • I’ve been to a victory parade;
  • I’m kinda rooting for Kansas City, too;
  • I just like good baseball.

Would it be great to see my boys win again?  Well, SURE.  But could I handle it if they don’t?  Most definitely.  The reason I have liked them for this long is that they defy all of the recommended statistics on performance and still manage to kick butt, which defies gravity and logic and just sits on faith like an angel on the head of a pin.

But…I’ll have to pay for it.

As Giants’ fans have gotten more and more belligerent as a collective, and as the players develop this reputation for defying the odds, and coming from a big, rich marketshare…now I know what it’s like to be a Yankees’ fan, or Cowboys’ fan.  You start to feel sorry for those people who fell in love with a team because of its game instead of because it was the popular bandwagon.

So the little sliver of me that wants my boys to win comes from the idea that I get tired of being ostracized as a Giants’ fan for our rep, and the big piece that is rooting for Kansas City is willing to trade that…even if I have to trade it early to the *cough* Cardinals.

At the end of the day I and my baseball fan fiction just want a good game.

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