Gone too long; I know.

But I’m back.

Why the absence?  Well, there’s this New Year’s Resolution that I made, in all capital letter starters.  I promised myself that this year, regardless, writing would come first.  Not social media writing or public writing or texts or emails or blog posts (gulp!), but writing for personal discovery.  A lot got set aside.  I’ve stopped being so much of a maid.  I’ve stopped being so much of a cook.  I’ve stopped being so much of an audience.  I’m writing.  If there’s time left over, I read, great cuts of fiction sliced thicker than a shank, but…not every day.  

Only the writing happens every day.  Only the writing will happen every day.  All of the other list happens IF I HAVE TIME, which makes enemies but not in the reflection in the mirror.  God, Jo, I have missed you.  And I’m discovering so much in each line of ink.

So today I had time, and, in the words of Jamaica Kincaid, provide a list of “what I have been doing lately”:

  • Fragmented listening of podcasts of literary and independent journalism;
  • Trying out Springsteen’s latest, en reprise;
  • Discovering the baseball novel I’m writing instead of inventing it (“there’s a sculpture in this great boulder?”);
  • Struggling to find refreshment in a desert (hence, the title);
  • Discovering how to move to my next chess square.

Happy 2014…and I hope you are benefitting from your resolve, too.  I feel liberated already.