I’m social media moody.  Sometimes I love it and will spend hours on all of the sites, reading the prizes dropped in my feed, and sometimes I do without, not in the mood to be a cheering squad for the world.

One thing that I never fail to hate about social media, however, is the fact that sometimes it is the only option for customer service.  I hate having to complain to a company online.  And it seems like lately I have to complain more and more.

To begin with, I’m pretty lenient when it comes to services and products…it takes more than one factor, or more than an “imagined” factor, to un-satisfy me.  Not so very long ago I could send an email if a product or service was unsatisfactory, but anymore emails and phone calls don’t work.  I’m either greeted by silence or auto-replies with the email route, or a lengthy wait on the phone with calling in.  So now usually the best avenue is shame the crap out of the organization on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.  Taking this approach could be done anonymously, I suppose, but I consider that cowardly, so I always post as me.  But every time I have to post as me, I think, “Wow, you sound like a petty fool,” even though I’m not getting any satisfaction in trying to take care of the problem in a way that isn’t petty.

Anymore, shame is the only way to get action.

Why?  Why can’t customer service be a focus, innovation be a focus to proactively reduce the problem?  Why does it take scrawling “For a bad time, call ***-****” on the Internet wall to get anything to be done about the problem?  Why not review methods that don’t work at the private level, correct them, and therefore leave only the anonymous trolls in the feed?  

Maybe it’s just thought that to be cutting edge, organizations only have to place resources in social media…and let the lack of response funnel the action down to one place.  Maybe customer service is reduced to how squeaky of a wheel the consumer can be, instead of who takes care of their customer in the best way.

I’m still learning…and hoping to find the happy medium someday before I just have to perform constant ridicule. 

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