Punch the Keys

Makes me think of that cartoon where the duck is standing in front of a keyboard with a mallet raised over his head to bring down on the keyboard in response to the computer’s instruction:  “Press any key.”

It also makes me think of Sean Connery’s character in “Finding Forrester”:  “PUNCH the keys!  Yeeesss.  Yessss!  You’re the man now, dawg.”

So I’m the “man” now, punching the keys, typing like I mean it, despite frustration.  The good news is that my MacBook is showing off Mavericks with iTunes playing in the background.  I won’t tell you the cool thing that just happened (either you probably wouldn’t care or you would probably say, “You didn’t know that?” and I am sustaining my sense of wonder by hoarding it), but it bloomed something.  My computer shown on my heart and helped smooth it a little.

It’s Christmastime and if it takes a computer to defy gravity for me then so be it.

I received a Christmas card today, another wonder.  Snail mail delights me.  As Garrison Keillor wrote once, someone took the time to jot a couple of lines and seal up something that was not a bill to await me at the end of my day of yahoos.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, or it can be encrusted with glitter and have three words on the inside, and I’m still happy.  Someone bought stamps, bought cards, took time to address and lick everything in the proper places (improper places is another post, heh), and then I open my mail and first of all, LOOK, I HAVE MAIL, and then it’s something happy.  Was thinking of me, in so many words.  Was thinking of me and thought of something to brighten my day.

God bless the lost art, on the cover of and in the sending of, a Christmas card.

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