Job’s Means of Getting Around

“People say how tough.”

Today, getting around the city of San Diego on foot, I considered what my life in transit would be like as a book from the Bible.

Job, trying to get around in California:

  • Will taking your car away stop you?  Nope.
  • Will taking your job away stop you?  Nope.
  • Will taking your City away stop you?  Nope.
  • Will giving you Crohn’s or Crohn’s symptoms stop you?  Nope.
  • Will facing you with speeding and inattentive drivers stop you?  Nope.
  • Will facing you with violent dogs stop you?  Nope.
  • Will facing you with evangelists stop you?  Nope.
  • Will facing you with violent cyclists stop you?  Nope.

It appears that I will deal with anything to travel, with or without a car.  


Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginning’s End

It’s the 1st of November, and folks the world over are writing novels in a month, writing a daily blog post for a month, taking a picture every day for a month…if I’ve missed something, dear reader, let me know.  I am hoping to write a little every day this month, because to do that would be an improvement over the past two months.  

For the past two months I’ve been lucky to write once a week.

But baseball season is over–that excuse is gone.  I have to be mean and withdraw with friends and family a little while, which usually provokes the “Why now?” argument.  It’s built up, and I’m so frustrated that I can’t articulate it.

So, while I write these meager lines, I’m listening to my Alt.Latino podcast, I’m downloading the “Before” film trilogy, and I’m preparing to lay out three journal pages…hopefully more.  I’m cat-sitting this weekend, and the television will stay off over there so that I can explore.

That’s my messy beginning.  Here’s hoping I get my act together. *raises coffee cup*