Magic moment, when you experience your first foray into someone else’s bad ethics.

Today was that day for me. The common assumption of someone with “planning” in their title would be that person as a planner, but for the last ten months I’ve been documenting the world I work in. I spend an hour on Tuesday afternoons creating next week’s schedule (which over the following week will be either ignored or requested to be altered so that it no longer serves the business need), and that’s the most forward-thinking I do.

Most of the time I “adjust” and then report on those adjustments. If someone forgot to submit their adjustments, then I may be asked to make them look good after the system will no longer let me make them look good.

Today was one of those requests. The sad fact? I know it will surface again, even after top people said no. And there’s this feeling that I just want to go home scrub with a Brillo pad and then maybe put a gun to my head.

The catharsis?

I still have MY ethics. I can still look in a mirror. That seems to be a smaller and smaller club with jackets that can say that.

Tomorrow’s writing? Hopefully about comfort food.

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